Frequently asked questions

Can I use ShareX to upload?

Sure thing! Here's the config: i am link

Import that as a custom uploader and fire away

Can I upload using my phone?

Sure, go ahead. You might even want to add Up to your homescreen.

Who runs this thing

A guy called R (Website)

What powers this site?

Purely Python powered and only depends on Flask. The database is SQLite, works alright on SSD.

There is also a lot of coffee involved.

Is Up open-source?

Yes. Thank the guy that wrote it.

Is my data safe?

Don't rely on our availability. This site isn't intended for storage or critial use. Mostly just to send files to friends.

If you're asking in regards to privacy. Check the privacy policy for details

What is your logo supposed to be?

It's nothing. But if you really need an excuse let's just say that it's a black meteor to represents downloads.

Will you add the ability to do X?

Probably not, this project is pretty KISS. I'm trying to keep it as low-maintenance as possible while still satisfying 95% of the users.

What about the old files I uploaded?

All files from the old Up are still accessible, with the same URLs even.

Your site seems to be blacklisted

Golly, that's not good. Please contact me by E-mail at ryan@vidyagam.es so I can take a look at it.

It would also help if you yourself contacted the application/company that blacklisted it and tell them that it is indeed safe.

Where can I donate?

You can. Paypal.me link here. BTC: 13Z7oebZTcUTGYLx9vckJqkNsiz8GmQTHF

This is purely a novelty project for personal use, but it was opened up to the public as a free service.